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Kathryn Roman ~ Licensed Massage Therapist ~ Bee Well

T Spheres

Massage & aromatherapy in one portable product, 
t spheres are innovative and unique self-massage tools 


I am excited to introduce and use t-spheres in my massage practice, massage & aromatherapy in one portable product! I LOVE THEM!!

I use the T-spheres for my own self-care with amazing results and I am confident you will love them too. I can incorporate them into your massages and can show you how to use them at home and on the go.


(27mm tiny t spheres®)

$20 per set 

Infused with peppermint to mend those tired feet,

mouse-moving hands and overworked brains.


(45mm t spheres®)

$35 per set

 Infused with the most versatile essential oil - lavender -

for reducing headaches, calming nerves, anxiety & stress...




Rose Geranium infused for lifting the spirits

and allowing your inner beauty to shine.

(45mm t spheres®)

$35 per set



(45mm t spheres®)

$35 per set

A bit of peppermint mixed with grapefruit to improve concentration and circulation for those days  that seem endless.

Each t spheres set includes: two t spheres, 3ml infuser, and

instructional brochure in a portable jute drawstring bag.





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